Frequently Asked Questions

Oven Cleaning

What makes Grease Lightning different?


Unlike most other companies:

  • We clean above the elements on the roof of the oven

  • We will remove and disassemble the oven door in order to clean between the glass panels

  • We will remove and clean panels as standard

  • We will clean in all gaps and hard to reach places

  • We clean around the faceplate, knobs and front of oven

Do you use chemicals? 


We do not use chemicals inside your house. We have dipping systems in our vans for the cleaning of racks and pans.


Can you use oven straight away after cleaning?


Yes you can, however you may get a little residual smoke when first use the oven from where our products (astonish oven cleaning paste) may be on the element and burns off. The smoke is harmless.


Do you disassemble and clean the oven door?


Assuming that it is possible to remove and disassemble the door we will do this. Although the majority of companies don't do this, at Grease Lightning we believe in going the extra mile, and only by removing the door can we give you a 100% clean.


How often will my oven need professionally cleaning?

This depends on how often you use it, but if you use your oven daily, we recommend having it cleaned two to three times a year.

Are there any dangerous fumes and does it smell?

No, we use non-caustic products that are non-hazardous and odour free.


How do the self-cleaning liners work?

We recommend that every time you cook your food to leave your oven on for 10-15 minutes to allow the grease and fat to fall to the bottom where it can be cleaned by wiping it away.


Do you carry spares?


Yes, we carry spare bulbs and extractor filters.


Can we clean self cleaning liners?

With some liners we can take a layer of the grease off, however if attempting this yourself you should never scrub, scrape or spray the liners as this can damage them.


Can I put the extractor mesh through dish washer?

Yes, however you will need to thoroughly rinse them in the sink as the dish washer salt can corrode them..




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